Buttonhole Draping in, Draping out is an interactive embroidery that drapes itself on WhatsApp and social media news. Its purpose is to raise awareness of how much data we are exchanging. Buttonhole Data Movement makes this exchange conscious through physical and visual perception. In this way, the garment lets the wearer grasp the extent of the constant use of social media in our everyday lives.

To become aware of all virtual data through bodily perception by feeling it directly on the skin and thus adding a new layer of experience.

Virtual data is materialised and triggers the movement of the textile, essentially creating sensory and physical perception. The aim is to make the wearer conscious of how much data we exchange and how we can feel it directly on our bodies.


Input A WhatsApp or social media message generates virtual data.

Objective The virtual data material triggers the movement of the fabric, resulting in sensory, tactile and physical perception.

Output Crafting 3.0: The embroidery materialises virtual data by moving the fabric on the skin.


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